CRRA Presentation 2023: Doubling Organics Recycling Rates in Salinas

Chelsea Nelson, our Project Manager, is presenting at the 2023 California Resource Recovery Association Conference this week!

Organics Waste Presentation at CRRA

Action Research presented at the 2022 California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) Conference! The California Resource Recovery Association, founded in 1974, is California’s statewide recycling association and one of the oldest and largest non-profit recycling organizations in the country. Their membership is composed of cities, counties, municipal districts, businesses, hauling companies, material processors, non-profit organizations, state agencies,… Read more »

Action Research Presenting at CASQA Annual Convention

We are presenting at the 2022 California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) Annual Convention! CASQA is a professional membership organization that helps represent over 26 million Californians on sustainable stormwater management. Founded in 1989, CASQA is made up of 180 cities, 23 counties, special districts, federal agencies, state agencies, ports, universities and school districts, wastewater agencies,… Read more »

Fostering Sustainable Behavior - CBSM

Upcoming CBSM Workshops with Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Ph.D.

Senior staff from the Action Research team co-facilitate community-based social marketing (CBSM) workshops led by Doug McKenzie-Mohr, the founder of CBSM. The CBSM framework improves the success and cost-effectiveness of behavior change programs by using data to select the right behavior to target, reducing barriers and increasing the benefits of target behaviors, and developing strategies… Read more »

President Jennifer Tabanico Interviews President of Iceland

In collaboration with National Cleanup Day and Cleanup News, our President, Jennifer Tabanico participated in an interview with Iceland’s President, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, on plogging. You might ask – what is plogging? Originating in Sweden in 2016, plogging is as simple as jogging while picking up trash. This healthy and beneficial activity has become popular across the… Read more »

Poo Points Program Receives CASQA Award

Action Research’s Poo Points Program was awarded an Outstanding News, Information, Outreach, and Media Project at the 2018 California Stormwater Quality Association’s (CASQA) Annual Conference! This program, created in collaboration with the County of San Diego’s Watershed Protection Program, encouraged rural dog owners to scoop their dog’s poop at least once a week in areas… Read more »

Action Research Boosts Recycling at Soccer Games

Action Research Boosts Recycling at Soccer Games

Almost every weekend in Oceanside, California, a dedicated volunteer collects hundreds of plastic bottles and aluminum cans from recycle bins at soccer fields, transports them to a local recycling center and donates beverage container CA Redemption Value (CRV) proceeds they receive to the Soccer Club of Oceanside (SCO). This generates an extra source of revenue… Read more »

Office Recycling 101: Shrink the Trash Receptacle

Office Recycling 101: Shrink the Trash Receptacle

What is a relatively easy and effective way to increase recycling behavior in an office workplace? Institute a “Little Trash” system. A recent Action Research study indicates that when office workers are provided with a standard size desk-side recycle bin coupled with a comparatively smaller “sidecar” trash receptacle, their recyclables flow to the space available,… Read more »

Action Research Fires Up Teens Tackling Ocean Acidification

Action Research Fires Up Teens Tackling Ocean Acidification

Think how the health of our planet would improve if every teenager pressured their peers into making a few simple behavior changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is exactly what four teenage Oregon Coast Aquarium Newport volunteers are doing to reduce ocean acidification. Calling themselves MOANA (Making Ocean Acidification Nationally Aware), these teens are… Read more »

Taking off? Turn your computer off.

Action Research Touts Behavior Change Impact of Community Based Social Marketing

Action Research has been on the road, spreading the word about community-based social marketing (CBSM) as an effective means of increasing energy efficiency, water conservation, waste diversion and recycling and pollution prevention behavior. On September 25th, President Jennifer Tabanico presented a free webinar on CBSM as part of the American Council for an Energy Efficient… Read more »