Giving Back

Alternative Transportation

The Action Research office is strategically located just a few blocks from a light rail station that links with bus, rail, and trolley transportation options throughout San Diego County and Orange County. This allows our staff to utilize mass transit as we travel to complete data collection and attend meetings outside of Oceanside.

Storm Drain Stenciling

Action Research employees spent time traveling around Vista, California using stencils and brushes to paint pollution prevention signs on storm drains.

Beach Clean-Ups

Action Research staff regularly participate in local clean up events, including Coastal Clean Up Day and City of Oceanside sponsored events.

Office Sustainability Commitment

Action Research is dedicated to making a positive impact on the communities in which we serve. Since 2001, our clients have included dozens of city and county governments, non-profit organizations and private companies nationwide all of whom are striving for a common goal of achieving a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable community or workplace. This commitment to clean, healthy and sustainable communities is reflected not only in the projects and clients that we work with, but also in our daily choices and business practices. All Action Research employees sign a personal pledge to commit to living and working in a sustainable way.