Our Team

Perla Sandoval

Community Engagement Coordinator sandoval@actionresearch-inc.com

Education: M.S. Applied Social & Health Psychology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Perla Sandoval is a California native who developed a passion for bridging the gap between academic research and real-world applications while earning her B.A. in Psychology from California State University San Marcos. Perla furthered this passion during her graduate studies in Colorado where she conducted research exploring the behavioral dimensions of energy use and the application of social psychology theories to promoting energy conservation behavior.  She also worked with the Colorado Governor’s Office of Energy to leverage customer engagement in order to meet organizational and behavior change goals.

Key Talents: As a psychology researcher with over 5 years of mixed-methods research design experience, Perla has worked with many interdisciplinary teams to find solutions to project roadblocks. She also brings 6 years of non-profit work experience and fluency in Spanish which has provided her with many opportunities to work with diverse communities. From engineers, social science researchers, or community members Perla has honed her ability to engage across all types of audiences.

During her spare time Perla is more than likely baking, going to the beach, or spending time with family. When the weather permits, Perla keeps the Colorado spirit alive and heads for the mountains.