Our Team

Jessica Blasjo

Project Associate blasjo@actionresearch-inc.com

Education: B.A. Sustainability, San Diego State University, San Diego

Jessica is dedicated to impacting local communities through environmental education. During her undergraduate studies at San Diego State University, she explored wildlife conservation and environmental justice, inspiring her interest in policy and behavior change. Jessica’s past work experience includes education initiatives in sustainable farming practices, environmental science, and teaching water pollution prevention methods. She is thrilled to be educating a wide range of audiences and advocating for environmental protection, as well as sustainability, in this role.

Key Talents: Jessica is an educator, through and through. She excels at developing innovative environmental education curricula while establishing a collaborative and nurturing learning environment.

During her free time, Jessica enjoys going to the beach, playing arcade games, and utilizing her treasure trove of random facts to excel at trivia! She also coaches a local middle school color guard team in San Marcos.