Our Team

Andy McGuire

Project Manager mcguire@actionresearch-inc.com

Education: Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Andy has extensive experience managing projects in academic, private, and public sector settings. His background is in biological sciences and environmental governance, and he has expertise in environmental monitoring and stakeholder engagement. He has worked in both professional and academic positions where he has conducted field research in the areas of ecosystem restoration, environmental conflict, and behavior change. His most recent peer-reviewed publications appear in the Journal of Great Lakes Research and Water.

Key Talents: Andy is an expert in how human behavior and community decision making can be leveraged to promote sustainable development. His experience with both natural and social science methods align perfectly with Action Research’s mission. Andy is also a team player who is eager to help when needed and always looking to expand his experiential toolbelt.

Outside of his time with Action Research, you can find Andy camping and hiking with his wife and kids. As a proud busybody, he also enjoys trail running, fishing, reading, collecting vinyl records, and all things NBA.