San Diego County Obesity Prevention

For this project, Action Research provided campaign research and tagline testing services for a program to promote wellness and prevent obesity by increasing the physical activity and healthy nutrition of San Diego County residents. Services included development and implementation of intercept and telephone surveys.

Environmental Protection Agency Fish Contamination Education Project

Action Research serves as a subcontractor on a research and public outreach project aimed at stopping anglers in the Palos Verdes area from consuming fish contaminated with DDTs and PCBs. Our work has included consulting on the development and implementation of the education programs targeting anglers fishing in contaminated areas.

Hungry Pests Awareness

A media campaign to increase knowledge and awareness of the issues surrounding invasive pests was launched by the USDA in three states on April 2, 2012: California, Minnesota, and North Carolina. In March of 2012, the USDA contracted with Action Research to conduct a telephone survey of 800 residents in order to measure baseline awareness, knowledge, and beliefs regarding invasive pest issues. In order to assess the impact of the media campaign, a follow-up survey was conducted in October of 2012. Pre- and post-media campaign data were collected in the three states of interest (California, Minnesota, and North Carolina), as well as in one comparison state (Colorado).