Our Team

Sarah Ocenasek

Community Engagement Coordinator


Education: Advanced Diploma of Sustainability Management, South Australia

Sarah’s work experience centers around sustainability consulting in her hometown of Sydney, Australia. There she worked with one of the leaders in the hospitality industry to evolve their business operations and integrate sustainability across their four venues. She also worked with ANZRP, Australia’s leading e-waste recycling organization as a consultant to assist in the process of attaining ISO certifications 14001 and 9001.

Key abilities:

Her strong communication skills make her especially adept at understanding the competing needs of the business operations and sustainability measures that deliver tangible results. She has a personal passion for sustainability that translates in her work. She dedicates her personal time to practicing what she preaches, living as close to a zero-waste life style as possible, maintaining a thriving veggie garden and raising 20 chickens. She enjoys travelling to unique and remote locations that offer special experiences with the natural world, recently getting up close and personal with Grizzly Bears in B.C. during the incredible salmon migration.