Our Team

Nicolette Canzoneri

Conservation Behavior Coordinator canzoneri@actionresearch-inc.com

Education: M.S. in Environmental Sciences/Environmental Education, Oregon State University

Nicolette’s academic and professional careers have included all things behavior, beginning with animal behavior early on and morphing into human behavior endeavors currently. Her background in both human and non-human behavior converged for her master’s degree, which focused on the incorporation of behavioral science in education programming at zoos and aquariums. Nicolette’s graduate studies honed her expertise in learning and science communication in non-formal/free-choice education settings and helped to refine her skill sets in behavior change.

Key Talents: Nicolette is an experienced behavior analyst who is passionate, and compassionate, about motivating change in the environmental arena. Her strengths include innovative science communication, social science research, training animals of all species (humans included!), and creative problem solving.

When she’s not using science to solve issues, Nicolette can be found getting her hands dirty in her garden, hiking, or playing beach volleyball. She also enjoys traveling to new places, painting, cooking, and spending time with her pup.