Our Team

Lori Large

Director of Research Operationslarge@actionresearch-inc.com

Education: M.A. in Sociology, California State University, Fullerton

Lori has over 20 years of applied social science experience with an emphasis in survey research design and implementation.  Since joining Action Research in 2007, she has worked with dozens of public and private agencies. These include: Build It Green, CalRecycle, Center for Sustainable Energy, Cities of Carlsbad, Casper, Cupertino, Denver (CO), Encinitas, Fort Worth (TX), Oceanside, Olympia (WA), Salinas, San Clemente, San Diego, and Sunnyvale, Counties of King and Snohomish (WA), Alameda and San Diego, American Forest Foundation (AFF), Chesapeake Bay Program, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Keep America Beautiful, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Restoration, Virginia Department of Forestry, Sandia National Laboratories, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), and Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN).

Key Talents: Lori’s key talents lie in implementing a variety of research methods to provide clients with high-quality data; from focus groups, telephone, and intercept surveys to behavioral observations.  She enjoys mapping, guiding, and creating project tools and processes. Collect passenger data on every bus, train, and trolley route in San Diego County, you say?  Sure, we can do that!

When not organizing workflow or overseeing surveys, Lori loves cooking, photography, and spending time outdoors.   She enjoys walking along Oceanside’s beaches and hiking in the local hills and mountains with her children and husband. Her weekends are spent cooking large pots of her family’s favorite pasta sauce, as well as experimenting with new-found recipes. Whether she is in the kitchen, hiking a local trail, or checking out a hawk in her own backyard, her camera is always at her side.