Our Team

Joey Schmitt

Director schmitt@actionresearch-inc.com

Education: M.A. in Experimental Psychology, California State University, San Marcos

Joey has extensive experience managing and directing projects for public agencies, non-profits, and private businesses.  He has directed projects on a wide variety of topics including stormwater, composting, energy conservation, water conservation, and transportation. His background is in applied social psychology and he has expertise in designing field experiments. He has worked in both professional and academic positions where he has conducted field research in environmental attitudes, community outreach, and behavior change. He is well versed in the community-based social marketing (CBSM) process, having attended and supported facilitation of numerous CBSM trainings.  His most recent publications appear in the journal Energy and Handbook of Persuasion and Social Marketing.

Key Talents: As a project director, Joey uses his social science research knowledge, people skills, and problem-solving abilities to coordinate and smooth-running projects. Additionally, he uses his knowledge of community-based social marketing to help others understand the process and infuse best practices into his projects. He has a particular interest in projects that involve stormwater, recycling, or energy conservation.

When he’s not managing projects, Joey enjoys spending time with friends or playing board games. He also enjoys yoga, traveling, gardening, and tinkering with his stock portfolio.  Originally from Illinois, he enjoys spending time in the warm California environment.