Our Team

Dani Ballard

Research Coordinatorballard@actionresearch-inc.com

Education: A.A. in Computer Science, Parks College, CO

Ms. Ballard has over ten years of experience in a research environment. She is an expert in the implementation of telephone and in-person surveys, behavioral observation protocols, creation of tracking systems, and database management. Ms. Ballard is also very knowledgeable about focus group participant recruitment, planning, and coordination. As a Research Associate at Action Research, she supports the research activities during all phases of the research projects. Prior to working at Action Research, Ms. Ballard worked at the Social and Behavioral Research Institute at California State University San Marcos, where she interviewed thousands of participants across dozens of social and public opinion research projects.

Key Talents: Dani brings a dedicated, precision-oriented work ethic for the ‘in the trenches’ functions of Action Research.

When she’s not managing the logistics of a complex project or solving a database issue, Dani is probably helping somebody fix something. It’s not surprising that she has earned the nickname “Tool Time” for being the fix-it person both at home and in the office.