Our Team

Becky Clarkson

Strategic Communications Coordinator clarkson@actionresearch-inc.com

Education: B.S. in Applied Art & Design, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Ms. Clarkson has extensive experience creating and implementing successful data-driven integrated marketing campaigns across a variety of industries, from consumer products and entertainment to healthcare and environmental restoration. A formally trained creative, she has worked with large and small marketing agencies, internal marketing departments, corporate and non-profit organizations, universities and government agencies to promote education and measurable behavior change. In addition to recent work on stormwater and shoreline restoration projects, she has developed campaigns for Illumina, Kimberley-Clark and Halyard Health; Disney, Sony, Marvel and Hasbro; La Crema, Hansen Beverage and the National Science Foundation; Oregon State University and Benton County (OR); Orange and San Diego Counties (CA); and Brevard County (FL).